I was looking around my room and found an FD to EF lens converter, so I put my 50mm 1.4 onto my 5D and took a few photos of my favourite film cameras.

The T70 was my first film SLR that I got for my first year of college. The Pentax was given to me by Phillip. The Olympus Pen EE is my favourite at the moment, I think it’s just because it’s so small and I can fit it in my bag and carry it anywhere. Also it’s a half frame which is fun! The EOS 3 I got a couple of days ago but I haven’t shot anything with it yet, I’m probably going to save it for Thailand. It’s second hand but whoever owned it previously took good care of it or just never used it because it looks brand new!

I have a small stack of film which I’m going to use in Thailand. I can’t wait to be over there, 5 days to go!

A few phone snaps from my trip to London with Mum. We successfully got my tourist visa for Thailand so I’m all ready to go!

This has been sitting in my drafts for weeks, we actually made this the day after the chicken ramen as there was a bunch of ingredients left over. I’d some how gone through life without eating ramen so I was pretty excited to make it. I was following Leo’s lead who seemed to have slightly more of an idea about what to do than I did, his approach being ‘just throw everything in the pot’. 

Ingredients: Instant noodles, egg, chicken, spring onions, red and yellow peppers, ginger

First thing we did was boil the egg which looking back on it we could probably have left till later on. In another pan we had boiling water which we added ginger and spring onions too. In a wok we fried the chicken with peppers and spring onions. Finally we added the noodles to the pan of broth, we used four packs of noodles which was far too much for two people, one pack would probably have been enough. Once the noodles were done we served them into two bowls and topped with the chicken and peppers and a couple of slices egg for the final touch. 

I think this recipe could do with a little work but for a first attempt the result was pretty good! 

I realised I haven’t blogged for almost a month now. Recently I’ve been trying to sort out things for my student house and dealing with letting agents which has been completely draining. Anyway, I don’t want to focus on that now so here’s some happy things. 

In the end of May I saw the ballet of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which was absolutely incredible. I would say it’s probably my favourite ballet I’ve seen so far. The dancing, music and costumes were all incredible. 

Then in the beginning of June I booked my tickets to Thailand. I’m going to be out there staying with Leo from the 4th July until the 12th August. I am extremely excited and also busy sorting out things before I go. 

On the 8th June it was my birthday and I turned twenty (aaaah scary!). I’ve decided I like twenty and I think I’m actually quite glad to not be a teenager anymore. On my birthday I had a pretty relaxed day with Leo, we went to Boscanova where I had the usual pancakes and a smoothie, then we spent the afternoon at the beach. It was nice to just chill out and not do too much.

The next day I had my birthday bbq! A bunch of friends came over and I had a lovely time catching up with everyone and drinking and eating far too much. Chloe, Leo and I went to Boscanova the next day as well (I don’t think I could ever get sick of their pancakes, they’re seriously the best!) 

Since then I’ve been stressing out trying to get things done with the house, helping Leo packing up his things and trying to get things together for Thailand. It was Leo’s birthday on the 18th and I went a bit crazy with giving gifts, I just really love giving people presents. In the evening Ronnie came over and we had Mexican at this amazing restaurant called Coriander in Bournemouth then saw the film Oculus which had it’s good moments but I don’t think I’d watch it again. 

I came back to Southampton on friday and spent a last couple of days with Leo before he went back to Thailand. We went on a walk on the saturday and I took some photos I really like so I will post them at some point soon. 

Tomorrow I’m off to stay with my Nanna for a couple of days with my Mum. We’re going to the Thai embassy on thursday so I can get my visa and will probably go to an exhibition or two so hopefully I’ll have some photos to post then I get back on friday. I’ve had a cooking & things blog post sitting in my drafts for ages so I will try and post that tonight, along with some of the photos I took on my walk with Leo. Hope everyone’s well and I’ll post again soon! 

I post a lot of photos on this blog of the things I do and places I visited but I think there is one thing it is seriously lacking. Food. I don’t think I’ve really made it known on this blog but I really really love food.  By breakfast I’ll be wondering what’s for dinner and If there’s only one thing I remember about somewhere I’ve been it’ll be the meals I ate.

Last year at uni I was terrible at cooking, actually, I can’t even say I was terrible because I just didn’t cook, unless heating a ready meal curry in the microwave counts? This year I decided to get my act together and start cooking (prompted by watching my housemates making tasty meals which made me feel a bit embarrassed by my frequent use of the microwave). I’ve got a lot better over this year and no longer find cooking absolutely terrifying. 

I want to feature more food on this blog, whether it’s places I eat out at or dinners I make. Hopefully this will be something I can keep up with, unlike the book reviews which failed miserably… I’m still trying to figure out whether I’ll write instructions or just do small posts, most likely it’ll vary for each meal. 

I thought I’d start off with the sweet and sour chicken Leo and I made last night. We wanted to do egg fried rice with a little bit of a twist so we added some extra veg into the mix. 

Ingredients: two chicken breasts, rice, two eggs, one yellow pepper (because yellow ones are the best), four spring onions, bag of aldi stir fry veg, ginger, garlic and a jar of sweet and sour sauce. 

The first thing we did was cook the rice and while this was cooking we prepared the vegetables and the chicken (and I drew faces on the ends of the spring onions). Once the rice was done we left it to one side, ready to fry later. We then cooked the chicken and once it was brown added in the pepper, some spring onion, ginger and garlic then finally the sweet and sour sauce and leaving it to cook for ten minutes. 

We then fried the stir fry vegetables and the rest of the spring onions along with the ginger and garlic. Pushing that to one side of the wok we fried two whisked eggs and once they were cooked, used the spoon to break it up and mix it in with the veg. Finally we added the rice, fried it altogether and that was it! 

It was a delicious meal and all it lacked was a few spring rolls on the side!

There’s a cat that has been coming into our garden a fair bit recently. I named him Socks because of his cute little white paws. It’s nice to have an animal to play with and cuddle now and again. I think he’s a kitten because everything in the garden is fascinating to him. He also likes to come into our kitchen and even climbed through the kitchen window this evening (which unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture of). 


Eric and Monica

This is the short film I made for our final first year project ‘still and moving image’. The film is about the lives of my grandparents, Eric and Monica, and is told using photos and narration by my Dad.